Ultimately, my new years resolution this year, was simply to not have a new years resolution at all. But…then I got to thinking and realized that it has been forever since I updated my blog here…and with the fact that pinterest has absolutely sucked me in with their thousands of amazing recipes, I thought that maybe I could start updating more and doing reviews on popular recipes. So…here’s to 2013, and hoping that I can keep my duckies in a row a bit better.

As some of you who know me personally already know, I’m getting married sometime in the next year. Not sure exactly when as we are still ironing out the details with family and friends, but sometime in 2013. I want to be able to have a large compilation of recipes that I can just jump online and grab for an easy meal. My soon to be husband loves food, loves cooking, and especially loves finding new recipes and testing them. I’m hoping that he and I, together, can develop this blog not just for ourselves, but for other families like ours to use to make their lives a little simpler. We love good food, but we also love being able to relax and have fun. So, simple but excellent recipes is what you should expect to find here. And, if you like us, pass the word on, share our blog with a friend of yours. That would be wonderful. My soon to be hubby has a wonderful 4 year old daughter from a prior relationship, so a lot of our recipes and foods are kid friendly as well. Granted, she is not a very picky eater, but I will do my best to get some simple, kid friendly recipes on here for moms with finicky kids. I’ve watched many of my friends and family members deal with kids who won’t eat anything green, squishy, or anything that smells funny…so I truly understand.

Also, side note, I created an about.me page so that people can just quickly get a feel for who I am…even though there really isn’t much space there to elaborate on myself…easiest just to get to know me. Anyone is welcome to follow me on pinterest, facebook, instagram, anywhere I have an account really. New friends are always gladly accepted.

So, with all that in mind, Happy 2013! Happy Cooking and Happy Adventuring!