I wasn’t huge into the makeup scene until recently, and it really helped when #Influenster sent me a #jollyvoxbox that had a few fantastic makeup products in it for me to try! I’m happy to review this palette from NYC, because not only does it look great on me, but it’s convenient and goes on quick and easy.

There are also other color palettes, not just the one I shared above. I purchased a few more at our local drug store a few weeks after I received this one from Influenster. Image


The above picture is me wearing the trio from Influenster’s voxbox, and I love it. I suggest putting it on in a room with good lighting at first to see if you like how it looks on you. I loved it right away, and was excited to try other color trios!

Also in the complimentary voxbox from Influenster, I received a travel package of Puffs tissues! These tissues were great! They conveniently fit into my purse or diaper bag, and come in handy when you need to blow that nose in the middle of the cold winter, or need to wipe a teary eye.

Probably the next biggest joy was the Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates. There are 6 packages in a box, and each package has three glorious filled chocolates, with a variety of different fillings. Mine had a peanut butter filling, and oh boy was it fantastic. I’m not even much of a peanut butter fan, but mixed with the milk chocolatey goodness, this was delicious! Did I mention it ONLY has a little over 100 calories for one serving, and one serving is one packet with THREE of the chocolates? It cant’ get better than that!


After the chocolates came the adorable DuckTape brand mini designs ducklings tape! It’s a thin and small roll of duck tape that could come in handy in a variety of situations! I have yet to use mine, but it’s sitting and waiting patiently for the right moment on top of my dresser! The one I got in my voxbox was the one on the left hand side of the first row down from the top, the blue with white flowers. Super cute!


And lastly, my voxbox featured a Show Off Lip Lacquer from Rimmel London. I liked the feel of the lacquer on my lips, but I wasn’t impressed with the color, Aurora. It is a very bright orange color, that I think may have been better received in my world of likes if it was summer, and not the middle of winter. Doesn’t seem quite a wintery color to me. I think I’ll have to re-evaluate this one this summer!


So, after my experience with this voxbox, I found a number of new products that I love! My suggestion to you…join Influenster! It’s totally worth the time if you’re willing to put it in. Get free complimentary products from Influenster and various brands, and review them! It’s fun, and you can become influential to others by doing so! Build your team of Influensters, and have fun! The link to Influenster is in the right hand sidebar! Enjoy!